Repository name :   SampDB1
Repository location : C:\Versata_55\Samples\SampDB1
Analysis date :   Tue Sep 16 16:10:05 PDT 2003
Analysis run on machine : TYLER_DELL
Analysis run by user : Tyler
DataObject Name : XDA_CUSTOMERS
Description : This is a list of all customers for the company.
Attributes Caption Nullability Persistent DataType Business Rule
CustNum Cust Num Required Persistent Long
Name Name Required Derived VarChar(50)
Street Street Optional Persistent VarChar(32) Default('')
City City Optional Derived VarChar(24)
State State Optional Persistent VarChar(12)
ZIP Post Code Optional Persistent Long
ActBalance Balance Optional Persistent Currency
IsOnHold On Hold Optional Persistent Boolean Default(false)
CreditLimit Credit Limit Optional Persistent Currency
CreditCode Credit Code Optional Persistent Integer
NumOrdersPaid # Orders Paid Optional Persistent Integer
NumOrdersUnpaid # Orders Unpaid Optional Persistent Integer
MaxCreditLimit Max Credit Optional Persistent Currency
Constraints When Constraint Error Message
Event Condition Action Condition Action
Parent Relationships Parent Child Enforced
Child Relationships Child Parent Enforced
PKEY_CUSTOMER CustNum || Pimary Key
User Defined Methods Method Signature
addListeners public void SampDB1.XDA_CUSTOMERSImpl.addListeners()
getNewObject public static SampDB1.XDA_CUSTOMERSImpl SampDB1.XDA_CUSTOMERSImpl.getNewObject(versata.vls.Session,boolean)
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