Repository name :   SampDB1
Repository location : C:\Versata_55\Samples\SampDB1
Analysis date :   Tue Sep 16 16:10:05 PDT 2003
Analysis run on machine : TYLER_DELL
Analysis run by user : Tyler
DataObject Name : VALID_UNIT
Description : list of selectable units which is not cached on the client so additional nit types may be added
Attributes Caption Nullability Persistent DataType Business Rule
UnitName Unit Name Required Persistent VarChar(6)
Constraints When Constraint Error Message
Event Condition Action Condition Action
Parent Relationships Parent Child Enforced
Child Relationships Child Parent Enforced
PKEY_Valid_UNIT UnitName || Pimary Key
User Defined Methods Method Signature
addListeners public void SampDB1.VALID_UNITImpl.addListeners()
getNewObject public static SampDB1.VALID_UNITImpl SampDB1.VALID_UNITImpl.getNewObject(versata.vls.Session,boolean)
Used By Used In
VALID_UNIT CodedValuesList UnitOfSale